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Storks Now! of St. Louis owner, Karen Hohlen

After 2 kids and a year into my 2nd one; our neighbor had their 3rd child and asked us where we had rented our stork. So of course we told them the name of the company and they proceeded to get a stork sign. As we drove by, I thought to myself and told my husband, I could do that. What a great way to make some extra money while still being able to stay at home with my 2 kids. So I did my research via the web and low and behold and then poof...Storks Now! was born. Storks Now! is solely a stork sign company. We thought about getting into other signs, and may still, but for now, we're just sticking with the storks. The biggest decisions to be made in this business for me were:

  1. What was going to be our name?
  2. What was the website going to look like?
  3. How were we going to personalize the stars?
  4. How much would we spend on advertising and where would we get the most bang for our buck?
  5. What would our primary marketing strategy be?
  6. How many storks should we start out with?
Luckily, the name came to me fairly easily and my husband builds websites so that part was not terribly agonizing. We designed our site together and he built it. I really did struggle with how I was going to do the personalization on the keepsake stars. At first, I thought I would use stencils and paint pens, but I soon realized that was going to take some time and not look as good as the vinyl. So we talked it over and decided to buck up for the vinyl cutter. And boy, am I happy I did! It is so easy, fun and looks so great! We have found the Internet to be our best source of exposure. In addition to having a website, we've listed our company with several online yard sign directories such as YardSignSearch.com. We have a low advertising budget, as most do, so we look at doing as many inexpensive and free things as we can. As for the number of storks to start with, we chose 4, but then added 2 more a couple months later. I think 6 will be the right number for us for a while.

To me, this business is fun because it is always going to be a happy and exciting time for the customers, so I know providing a stork sign that looks great is going to make it just that much more of a happy occasion. We hope to continue our business for a long time. Eventually, we hope our toddlers will grow up to appreciate what it is to be an entrepreneur and maybe they will want to take over!!

-- Karen Hohlen, owner